Our Clients Speak Out  

Dave - CA

"When I met DJ I was impressed with his sincerity, common sense, humility, and quality of his team.  Since then I have invested in several properties and am extremely happy with the results.  DJ and his team locate really nice homes in good neighborhoods at reasonable prices and then supervise the rehab and find quality tenants.  Great communication and fast response often finding tenants before the renovatons are even complete.  A very smooth operation, no problems, and I'm looking forward to continuing a great relationship".

"I can't say enough about Fortune Foreclosures and DJ Thielen!! I'm a single mother of two and not only has DJ helped me in my journey to financial freedom but he has also been a resource that I can go to for property resale and advice. Honest, diligent and professional are the best ways that I can describe DJ and his staff. I would highly recommend his services"!

Susanne- CA

"Thanks to DJ’s Company Fortune Foreclosures & their great team we just sit back, collect our checks, and watch our wealth grow. After purchasing a few properties we now are planning to buy many more and continue to grow our Real Estate Investment portfolio. With our average returns being between 13%-18% we wouldn’t buy from anyone else".

Ara- WA

Azad- CA

"I met DJ at one of the investor meetings, and I felt very comfortable with him right off the bat. I’m not sure if it was his sincere and warm character, or his knowledge of real estate. From day 1, DJ helped me in the buying process, along with all other aspects of purchasing the property. He sent a crew to remodel the house, and he dealt with all the associated challenges with me. After renovations were completed, he helped me with finding a dependable tenant. I’ve dealt with many real estate professionals in the past, but working with DJ was one of the best if not the best experience I’ve ever had in this industry. Many times, he’s gone out of his way to help me at no additional cost, and I’m sure he would do the same to all of his clients. I truly wish DJ the best in his future endeavours, and I recommend him to anyone who is interested in have such a wonderful partner and friend in the Real Estate industry".